7 Factors of Employee Engagement… what managers really need to know!

Managers too often make the mistake of judging an employee’s level of engagement, and consequently their level of commitment, based on their own (the manager’s) yardstick of “normal”.   The problem is people are all different and from a non-clinical perspective, there is no such thing as normal.  Everyone is unique and has their own distinct style of intuitive behavior.  Note I said intuitive behavior, not learned behavior.  Let me suggest that you consider intuitive behavior to be an individual’s internal yardstick of what is normal (for them).

You can see how this creates a lot of opportunity for misjudgment on the manager’s part; and thus, a lot of missed opportunity for affective team building, successful employee engagement, productive employee coaching, and overall talent management.  Needless to say this is a very costly bottom line issue.

Through the application of our proprietary Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI), we accurately measure and provide reliable feedback in simple, everyday, lay-oriented language that brings clear definition to individual differences.  PSI does this in a very proactive, affirming and coaching-focused way.  The information is comparative, NOT judgmental, and it facilitates the acceptance of every employee’s individuality in terms that make it much easier for managers to maximize work-related engagement through objective understanding instead of biased assumptions.

What follows is a brief overview of 7 PSI FACTORS that have significant impact on a manager’s ability to successfully achieve productive employee engagement from her/his total workforce.   These 7 factors are presented visually on easy-to-understand horizontal bar graphs that indicate where an individual employee (or manager) intuitively leans in their “normal” approach to engagement and achieving work-related performance.  Like most everything else in life, knowledge is empowering.

Achieving optimal employee engagement is somewhat complex because people are the most complex and sophisticated capital asset every organization has.  Over the past 40 plus years, we have helped organizations understand, and yes, quantify their human capital assets in ways to help achieve sustained employee engagement.  Without demeaning the dignity of human beings, we provide something akin to a user’s manual on people.

Daniel Pink, NY Times best-selling author of DRIVE (and other noteworthy books on the subject of human and organizational behavior) says of our approach, “Randy Hopkins understands the new generation of employees and what they need in order to produce exceptional work.  Team Covenant offers a thoughtful, holistic approach to human resources that puts people first.”

Mr. Pink, thank you.  And if you have read this entire blog post and are still here, thank you too!

If you want to know more, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to share additional information about PSI and even tell you about our AWARD-WINNING TEAM COVENANT™.



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