The Team Covenant Culture™

A continuous process to build an intentional workplace culture

Sustain culture: The Team Covenant Culture™ (TCC) provides you with a proven process and proprietary culture tools needed to build and sustain a well-defined values-based culture of relational transparency and trust.

Strategic and complementary: TCC can be aligned to support your strategic priorities, aspirational culture and organisational values and complement your existing human resource management systems.

Targeted approach: TCC can also be applied in a targeted approach to strengthen culture at individual or team level as well as recruitment and onboarding.

Build internal resources: Initially supported by Inspyr’s expertise, you may ultimately choose to develop the internal support resources necessary to sustain TCC’s ongoing contribution.

Defining your workplace culture

At the heart of this innovative and continuous process, is The Team Covenant™. This cultural agreement defines and shapes your values and cultural philosophy to create, build and sustain organisational awareness and an intentional culture of relational transparency and trust. It is the glue that holds TCC together. Ongoing leadership coaching and development is an integral part of this component supported by our proprietary Personal Strengths Inventory Individual and Team Reports.

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"Team Covenant™ understands the new generation of employees and what it takes to produce exceptional work. It offers a thoughtful, holistic approach that puts people first."
Daniel Pink
NY Times Best Selling Author

Strengthening relational transparency within and across teams

This consists of ongoing targeted training and team building to strengthen communication, interpersonal awareness, relational transparency, and collaborative team achievement. The process utilises our Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI) Team and Team of Two Reports.

Scalable coaching for each employee

This continuous process, as opposed to one-time training and coaching, includes individual coaching based on our client’s specific needs for performance and behavioural change, and the achievement of strategic organisational goals. TCC’s unique and performance-driven coaching system is supported by our scalable Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI) reports – PSI Quick Coaching Guide and researched based I Choose Success program.

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