Special Offer

A free 30-day unlimited use trial of our Team Covenant Culture™ proprietary behavioural software

Why not trial our Proprietary Behavioural Software to experience TCC and assess its suitability for your organisation?

We are offering a 30-day free unlimited-use trial Software as a Service (SaaS) license agreement.

This provides access to our technology including:

  • License to use Team Covenant™ and other TCC copyrighted and proprietary materials.
  • 24/7 discrete online database management account.
  • Unlimited storage and retrieval of data for our suite of Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI) individual and team reports and proprietary research-based I Choose Success (ICS) profile.

This license also includes unlimited PSI assessment profiles for ALL of your internal HR and OD applications. During this trial period you could utilise our resources and PSI Reports in a targeted approach to strengthening workplace culture including:

  1. Recruiting and on-boarding for cultural fit.

  2. Determining if candidates will be a ‘fit’ with their prospective manager and team.

  3. Strengthening collaboration within and across teams.

  4. Strengthening leadership capability.

  5. Supporting any change processes.

  6. Career planning and development.

Why not call us now on 1300 467 797 or 0421 935 950 or click on this link to email us for further information.

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