Leading Cultural Change

Disengaged employees and poor workplace cultures are costly…

When leaders and staff are not modelling organisational values; when silo mentalities take over teams, departments or entire worksites – leading to strong resistance to change; when there is fear of honest communication, or high stress and turnover, with little or no trust. 

To survive today and thrive tomorrow, organisations must build an engaging workplace culture based on relational transparency, mutual accountability, and sincere trust.  Employees and management alike expect and will accept nothing less. 

The challenge has never been greater given the impact of the worldwide pandemic, skill shortages, and evolving work environment expectations of seasoned employees and emerging generations of younger workers.

How can Inspyr help your organisation?

By partnering with you to build a culture of relational transparency and trust.

Introducing the Team Development Strategy™

An award-winning proprietary organisational development system recently acquired by Inspyr from Team Excellence Inc., a Houston-based consulting firm specialising in cultural change and employee engagement.

The Team Development Strategy™ (TDS) is a metrics driven system to change the way you do business through:

Building a values-based culture of relational transparency and trust.

Growing leaders that inspire trust and commitment.

Providing a framework to align professional development with organisational values and strategic objectives.

Becoming an employer of choice to attract and retain skilled and motivated employees.

Improving individual and team commitment to performance.

Positively impacting your bottom line through increased productivity, and reduced turnover and operating costs.


Whether your organisation is a small to mid-size entrepreneurial business or you operate your own HR consultancy, Inspyr’s unique expertise can be relied upon to support you.

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