Culture and Employee Engagement Study

Inspyr can provide an opportunity for your organisation to evaluate the Team Covenant Culture ™, by objectively measuring your current culture, leadership, and your HR and organisational development management priorities.

Offering our organisational development credentials and experience in collaboration with Team Excellence’s 40 plus years of expertise in the development of TCC and its application, we can provide and administer an anonymous and proprietary engagement and cultural assessment study of your employees and managers.

The results of this survey will quantify and qualify your current culture, leadership performance, level of employee engagement, organisational trust, and identify your highest priority organisational development needs.

Alternatively, your organisation may have undertaken its own culture and engagement study, or similar, and this can be used to inform and identify your organisational development needs.

Organisation Culture Insight

This third-party administered survey along with our experience and judgment in interpreting its results, is the best way to gain objective and accurate insight into your organisation’s culture and performance – and determine how best to proceed further. 

Our approach ensures complete individual confidentiality and anonymity, allowing your staff to have the necessary confidence to candidly express what is most important in the context of work, motivating values, trust, and their perspective on your organisation’s leadership.

Of added benefit, this survey, if combined with your willingness to openly share its results, would serve as your leadership’s sincere commitment to organisational transparency.  Without credible and sometimes even vulnerable transparency, organisations cannot achieve the level of employee trust necessary for TCC to succeed in the goal of creating a sustained team-covenant culture.

Leadership Insight

We are also able to undertake an objective look at the strengths and motivational drive of your senior management team through the lens of the Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI).  We incorporate this leadership insight into our overall organisational assessment findings.  This step provides both objective information about your leadership strengths, while allowing your senior team to personally experience this important proprietary component of our approach.

If you choose to engage us, you will have the option to train and certify your own internal TCC consultant for the long-term, ongoing internal administration, management and support of your TCC system. Clients who elect to assume this internal role of TCC administration typically take this step after two or three years of experience with TCC.

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