The Team Development Strategy™

A 3 step process to build relational transparency and trust

Rather than treating individual symptoms, the award-winning Team Development Strategy™ takes a holistic, comprehensive look at your company and provides an effective method of assessment and accountability for all levels of your organisation – top to bottom.

TDS is not intended to replace, but rather was developed to support and enhance an organisation’s existing human resource management systems.  Our client’s senior leadership and human resource management staff will receive the training, coaching and support needed to assume successful internal ownership of TDS, become its champions, and make it work. 

Initially supported by our expertise, you may ultimately choose to develop the internal support resources necessary to sustain TDS’ ongoing contribution.  TDS gives you the tools, skills and systems needed to build a well-defined values-based culture of relational transparency and trust. 


TDS consists of three steps that when utilised in tandem, will dramatically and profitably change the way you do business.

STEP ONEEstablishing Team Expectations through the Team Covenant™

The Team Covenant™ defines your values, your culture, and serves as a presumed condition of employment. It defines getting the work done and getting it done right. The result, when used consistently with other components of TDS, is a work environment of credible trust and lasting satisfaction throughout the organisation, one that establishes measurable standards for individual and team accountability.

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STEP TWOContinuous Team Development

This critical step consists of ongoing targeted training and team building to strengthen communication, interpersonal awareness, relational transparency, and collaborative team achievement. The process utilises Team Excellence’s proprietary Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI), a practical, non-clinical, web-based behavioural strengths and motivational drive assessment technology which was custom-developed specifically for TDS.

PSI enables clients to apply a unique, ongoing approach to measure their overall culture, pinpoint the motivational drive and work-related behaviour of employees, and determine the particular leadership needs of the organisation.  PSI represents Team Excellence’s over 40 years of HR and organisational development experience with over 40,000 managers and employees and was created specifically to drive and support TDS.

STEP THREEOngoing Coaching

This continuous process, as opposed to one-time training and coaching, includes manager, team and individual coaching based on our client’s specific needs for performance and behavioural improvement, and the achievement of strategic organisational goals.  A client’s initial priority needs will be determined by an organisational culture and employee engagement study.  TDS’ unique and performance-driven coaching system is supported by the repetitive and reinforcing application of PSI to include its wide-variety of individual and team reports.

Also included in this unique coaching approach is a research-based, self-directed performance improvement process called I Choose Success (ICS).  ICS measures the individual’s unique personal strengths and intuitive behaviour and compares them with demonstrated successful performance in today’s ever-changing work environment. While always respecting and valuing individuality, ICS teaches individuals the difference between intuitive and intentional behaviour and how best to select appropriate intentional behaviour when necessary – when it will help achieve greater successful performance outcomes.

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